Online data room rules and protocols

In this article, we will introduce you to the data room service, and explain the rules and protocols that users must accept and follow when using this system. Read below for more details.

The concept of data room 

A virtual data room is a service used in business companies to store and transfer sensitive information, usually financial transactions. It also serves companies for organizing important documents and their easy and secure access. 

Usually, the information stored in a Data Room is a part of the documentation and it is very valuable for the company and its owner. But in addition to the usual record keeping, which is necessary for financial, legal, and tax issues, organizations have other important information that needs to be stored securely and protected confidentially. 

Online data room rules

Everyone who wants to use the data room must follow these data room rules

1. Using the data room

Users must provide their first name and email address to successfully register in the data room. The service decides whether or not to approve your authorization. The system may not give access to users who have been convicted of membership in a criminal organization or who have been involved in fraud, corruption, or illegal money laundering schemes. Also, the list of users not approved for registration includes persons who have been declared bankrupt or against whom insolvency proceedings are currently pending

2. Compliance

Data Room users have to obey all the laws and rules of the service, users are not allowed to add any viruses or other destructive code to the data room system. 


Data Room is not responsible for any viruses or destructive codes and bears no responsibility for any damages or losses caused by any method of use. It is the responsibility of the users of the data room to implement sufficient virus-checking measures to meet their requirements. 

4. Security measures

  • Logging into the data room will be blocked if users try to enter through an unsecured network, such as a wi-fi café or any other public location 
  • When you leave a work computer from which you logged into the data room, it must be locked with a special password known only to the user and his respective internal IT support department
  • The data room user must only use a user ID assigned to him personally to enter the data room. This identifier may not be disclosed to other users and no user has the right to enter the data room under the identifier of another user

What VDR offers in turn 

In return for the system’s list of requirements, it offers its users: 

  • Security – The security of the data rooms is on par with that of major banks
  • Control – special automated functions of the system reduce errors and the human factor. The administrator can configure different levels of security: Disable printing/downloading, dynamic watermarks, document expiration
  • Ease of use – all program files are perfectly organized, users can easily and quickly access the necessary documents