Global marketplace rating

In this article, we will give you a ranking of the 5 most successful global marketplaces, as well as provide a brief overview of each of them and identify their features.

What is an online marketplace?

Two main features define the value of a global marketplace:

1. Many sellers and buyers trade through one site

2. Customers can buy goods without leaving the site, or the app

These definitions do not apply to sites like because although they have many sellers on their site, you cannot buy something without leaving the site. These are advertising channels, not online marketplaces.

This definition also doesn’t apply to sites that sell used goods. With these sites, you can only sell directly to the company, so there is only one buyer. They purchase goods from consumers for resale.

This article will only talk about sites that have the following criteria:

1. Buyers are mostly ordinary people, not businesses

2. The site sells physical goods, not just services

H2: Top 5 global trading markets

The ranking of the world’s best marketplaces is based on the number of visits to the site. The leaders according to these criteria are:


And the most frequently purchased products in turn were from the categories: fashion, electronics, home goods, books, crafts, and gifts. review is the largest B2B marketplace that, although created in China, targets the entire world. This site allows exporters and importers from around the world to exchange business information and sell goods in bulk via entity profiles and product listings and provides integrated business management software. allows the seller to decide the method of payment and delivery, and the transaction is organized in any convenient format. Also, the site doesn’t charge any additional commissions and has its e-payment system Alipay. review is one of the world’s leading e-commerce sites for small businesses.  This site sells both originals and copies of products. The site has taken care to ensure that customers are not caught fakes, and thus created a special section “Taobao Mall” (

Only officially registered stores of both Chinese and foreign brands that sell only original products are sold here. They cost more, of course, but the site guarantees their authenticity. review is the most popular and largest marketplace in the world. It has both a main English-language platform and regional sites in the local language. Amazon has many categories of products, and it also offers a service of providing warehouse space for sellers. There is also an option to temporarily freeze the account. review is also a very popular marketplace that originally existed as an auction site, but today more than 80% of all merchandise is sold at a fixed price. The site also supports many languages and customer support is available 24/7. review is a major European marketplace for sourcing goods and services. It has subsidiaries in more than 6 countries and supports more than 15 languages.