Board Portal Software Which Supports All Business Cycles

Board portal software is a special solution that provides full-fledged maintenance and control of the board of directors.

How to Support All Business Cycles with the Board Portal Software?

Most boards are still looking for that balance, but some have quickly adapted to the situation and found that virtual meetings are even better than offline meetings. Beyond the obvious benefits of not having to travel and getting everyone together, virtual meetings have allowed board members to improve corporate governance and streamline collaboration. Meeting agendas are shorter, presentations are better, and discussions are bolder and more open. In addition, it has become possible to involve more top managers and outside experts.

Good corporate governance is the most important factor in the success of an organization, whether nonprofit or for-profit. However, for-profit boards are relatively more concerned because for-profit organizations are always profit-oriented and have to go back. You need to manage a team of remote employees to organize their participation and productive teamwork every day. You need to organize business conferences with partners, and potential and existing clients.

By using the board portal software presented in, meeting organizers quickly create agendas and upload documents. Documents are automatically synced with meeting attendees and meeting participants; tablets and phones. Its permissions ensure that only authorized individuals receive materials. Board members actively participate in the organization by attending monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, attending the annual board retreat in the spring (when possible), and maintaining membership on one or more subcommittees.

The best board portal software is great for users who need concise and easy-to-use conferencing software. This platform is accessible from any mobile device via a web browser. The free rate has a number of communication advantages:

  • fast conference room setup;
  • works even with a poor internet connection;
  • HD quality video;
  • content demonstration center;
  • up to 25 participants per conference.

Board Portal Software and Its Main Facilities

By overseeing corporate strategy, the board portal software plays an important role in a company’s digital transformation. Management continually tells the board of directors that digitalization is essential to the company’s success. However, before they embark on a digital transformation, the board needs to understand what impact it will have on the company’s operations.

Use board management software to run more efficient and productive board meetings. Directors can track attendance, organize meeting minutes, and share files with others. The banging on your keyboard, new notifications on your smartphone, and the rustle of flipping through documents – these minor noises are unnoticeable in normal life. But if you’re on a video call, everyone in the room can hear them clearly. It’s ethical to turn off your microphone when you’re not using it at an online meeting. 

The board portal software covers all key management steps: from the direct scheduling of meetings to the exchange of files, documents, and protocols. Each step of the process is optimized and simplified as much as possible. By using mobile applications, users in different parts of the world can work on the go, stay connected and feel as if they are in the same physical office.

The built-in analytics service of the board portal software will show the progress of employees in a separate branch or the company as a whole. You will see how often employees open courses, how many webinars they attended, and what mistakes they made in the tests. The report can be downloaded in two formats: xlsx and csv.